About Us
The foundation of our company is built on 4 key components – Quality, Location, Design and Service.

QUALITY materials and workmanship yields quality results.

At Fresh Start Builders, we strive to meet homebuyers needs and wants through ongoing market research programs. We build unlimited appreciation potential for the future while providing well-built, healthy homes that enhance your life today.

Energy Efficiency, improved air flow and tight, durable construction are aspects of our quality which you may never see. Behind the walls of every FSB home, you'll find experience, pride-of-workmanship and genuine respect for our customers. Quality is an integral part of our foundation

LOCATION, Lifestyle. Livability

Great locations are essential to every community. Quality school districts, employment, and recreational amenities all play a key role in the selection of our properties.

You'll discover that many of our homes have a distinct look and feel with breath taking views.

Whether you prefer Lake views, walking trails or an urban ambiance; whatever lifestyle you lead, you'll find an FSB home designed to fit you needs.

DESIGN - A homes is more than four walls and a roof: it has to function and fit into your everyday life. An FSB home is all about authentic living, inside and out.

Spacious, light-filled rooms, luxury finishes, thoughtful details and energy-efficient technology make for an exceptional interior living experience. Outdoor living areas are planned with the same attention to details as the indoor spaces.

Beyond your immediate living area are parks, trails and green spaces that enhance the overall neighborhood and provide additional recreational value.

As a cornerstone of our foundation, the award-winning design of FSB’s homes delivers the perfect combination of classic exteriors with all the modern amenities that contribute to the quality of your lifestyle.

We Believe that Good SERVICE is Good Business.

Much like building a home, service starts from the ground up. We are staffed with knowledgeable sales counselors that are trained to guide you every step of the way. That's just the beginning of our service!

You'll also have a guided pre-closing orientation and inspection with your sales counselor and builder and you'll receive a comprehensive Homeowners Guide to familiarize you with your new home.

We have also developed a 1-5-11 customer care program to ensure total customer satisfaction. A representative will contact you after the first, fifth and eleventh months in your new home to address any warranty concerns that may arise. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive one, two and ten year warranty that is transferable with the sale of your home.

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